The Love of Fishing

February 17th, 2010

I remember when I was just a small little boy, My Grandfather would take me to the lake fishing. I remember so well how he would bait my hook, set the hook, hand me the rod and reel, let me reel in the fish, then would take it off and we would start all over again.

As I grew into manhood my grandfather developed in me a love for fishing. I love to fish, it doesn’t matter if I catch. I just love to fish.

In Matt. 4:19 Jesus says to Peter and Andrew, follow me and I will make you fishers of men. Jesus developed in his disciples a love to fish for men. They did not always catch, that is not the point, The point is they loved to fish.

Do you love to fish? It is not about the catch, If we want to see people come to know Jesus, we have got to develop a love for fishing.

God Bless, till the trumpet sounds

Dividing Lines

February 16th, 2010

Have you ever stopped to consider where the run off rain flows to, where does it end up? From Maine to Georgia, right through the heart of the Appalachian Mountains there runs an imaginary line called the Eastern Continental Divide. All the runoff water that falls on the west side of the line flows toward the Mississippi River and the Gulf of Mexico. All the runoff water that falls on the east side of the line flows toward the Atlantic Ocean.

Such a trivial thing, but just inches determine the destination of a drop of water.

It is the same way with life. There is a small dividing line, and depending on where you fall in reguard to that line determines where you end up in eternity.

Matt. 25:32 And before him shall be gathered all nations and he shall separate them one from the other as a shepherd divideth his sheep from the goats. 33 and he shall set the sheep on his right and the goats on his left. 34 Then shall the King say to unto the ones on his right hand, Come ye blessed of my Father, inherit the Kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world:

There is only a fine line between goats and sheep, just as there is a fine line between knowing Christ and not knowing Christ. Many people today are on the right side of the line and many people are on the left side of the line. The line is defined by a relationship with Jesus Christ. I hope you know where you are in relationship to the line.

God bless, till the trumpet Sounds

Valentines Day

February 14th, 2010

I think it is every girls dream to be in a packed stadium and have her prince come riding in on a white horse, (Corvette, Mustang, BMW) you get the picture and sweep her off her feet and carry her away to his castle next to the beach and live happily ever after.

The only problem is I’m not sure if it ever happens except in fairly tales. There is a true story about a man named Jesus who Loved us so much that he was willing to give his life that we could live happily ever after. The only problem is accepting the gift he made for us. The Bible says in Roman 10:13 Whosoever will call upon the name of the Lord will be saved.

What a shame to waste such a wonderful gift. Will you call upon his name today and receive the gift he has given you. It will be the best Valentine’s Day ever.

Looking Forward to Worship

February 13th, 2010

Psalms 122:1 I was glad when they said unto me, Let us go into the house of the Lord.

As the week wears on I am so glad to set my mind and heart on the coming of the Lords day. It is a day of worship. A time when I can focus on nothing else but Jesus. I look forward to seeing God’s people and Worshipping with them. So, I am excited as was King David to enter the House of the Lord.

Thoughts of Snow

February 12th, 2010

In Scripture there are 24 references to snow. Today as we rush to the grocery store to buy milk and bread, as seems to be the ordered activity when inclement weather threatens. I Hope we would take a moment and think about the purity of snow. The Scripture says Purify me from my sin, and I will be clean, wash me and I will be whiter than snow. Ps 51:7 NLT

When we are washed in the Word, When we are washed by Jesus, you and I are whiter than snow. Isn’t that great.

Have you ever been outside the day after a snow strom and the sun is shining bright. You have to wear sun glasses to see everything is so bright.

After we are washed by Jesus we are pure and bright as the new driven snow. Aint God Good: What a blessing.

He wants to bless more than I want to receive.

February 10th, 2010

Jer 33:3

3 Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and shew thee great and mighty things, which thou knowest not.

I am convinced the Lord has a desire to bless in ways we just can not imagine. His desire to bless us is greater than our desire to be blessed.

Now you know how much we want to be blessed. So if God wants to bless us and show us these Great and mighty things, what is keeping it from happening?

Could it be our relationship with him? Could it be that he wants to show us but we are not willing to open our eyes and look? Just something to think about.

About Wesley

October 9th, 2009

I am the pastor of Barker’s Creek Baptist Church, near Honea Path in Anderson County, South Carolina.

Hello world!

October 9th, 2009

This is my first attempt at a blog.  I have been reading the blogs of other Christian thinkers for quite a while, and am ready to try to share my thoughts, prayers, and musings.

There are times we must stretch ourselves, and I believe this blog may have the potential to focus on issues of interest to our church family.  Join in my thoughts in the future, and pray for me as I endeavor to do God’s work.